Thursday, June 20, 2013

ArtNow for July 2013

Janice Poltrick Donato
David Lafrance

Tuesday July 2nd at 7 p.m.


Westmount Public Library

ARTNOW presents:

Janice Poltrick Donato

Janice Poltrick Donato received a DEC in Illustration and Design from Dawsonand has worked as a technical illustrator, children’s book illustrator, mural painter and fine artist. She is currently at Concordia University finishing a degree in Fine Arts. She is especially drawn to the challenge of the portrait, that impossible task of somehow capturing people in paint – their dreams and their struggles. 

For Donato, portraits are like soul studies; brief, enigmatic glimpses into the mystery of a person. Her inspirations arise from the external world of nature, and the inner realm of dreams and reflection. For Donato, painting is an exploration of life’s meaning, it is  a psychological and a spiritual, as well as a material practice.

David Lafrance

David Lafrance has a B.F.A. degree in painting and drawing from Concordia University. His work in painting, drawing and sculpture has been shown in eastern Canada and the United States. After winning two Quebec arts council grants, his work started to involve sound. 

Lafrance's references vary widely and range from folk art across the world to modern painting to contemporary fashion.  He has a particular interest in depicting the natural world and modern society's  chasing of pleasures, luxuries and social demonstration of joy. The ever-subjective theme of beauty figures largely in his work.  David Lafrance also performs music with turntables, pedals, samplers, and digital recorders, collaging his own subtle soundscapes with noises across ages and geographies.