Sunday, April 22, 2012

ArtNow in May

Brigitte Radecki

Branka Marinković

Tuesday May 1st at 7 p.m.


Westmount Public Library


 ARTNOW presents:

Brigitte Radecki 

After her studies in visual arts at Concordia University, Brigitte Radecki initially joined the artistic scene in Montreal by producing monumental sculpture and environmental installations. She has had several solo and group exhibitions in Quebec and Canada, as well as internationally, and was represented by Gallery Christiane Chassay for 20 years. The earlier work was deeply inspired by archaeology. She goes back in time and works matter and form to create works that renew with nature and origins. She also paints and has indeed been linked to the new Québec abstract movement.

Branka Marinković

Building upon symbolism and the impressionist tradition, nothing is really as it seems. There is always a meaning that reaches beyond the literal. Colour and light are as important to the work as the subject itself.  I delight in shifting from one traditional genre to another depending upon the message that I want to express at any given moment in time.

Branka Marinković has studied art and language in France, art history at the University of Toronto, graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in 1994 and recently completed her Masters in Art Education at Concordia University. She has exhibited in Toronto and Montreal and currently teaches art techniques in oil painting and drawing in Montreal.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

ArtNow in April

 Mary Hayes

Mary Hayes

"My latest paintings reflect my ongoing preoccupation with the 'costumed' self.  I bring together interpretations of old master portraits, as well as archetypes from popular culture - ghosts, zombies and monsters. The images conflate, morph and mutate into both the macabre and tender, fluidly exploring the emotional range through the watercolour medium.  I look at the ways in which we are simultaneously protected and transformed by our ritual attire and presentation. The works offer a psychologically daunting and poetic confrontation with issues of identity and self-awareness".

Mary Hayes was born in California. She has a BFA in Visual Arts from Concordia University. She was an Artist-in-Residence at the Parson’s School of Design in the Dominican Republic, has had several solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions across Quebec and in Canada. She has received grants from both Quebec and Canada Arts Councils and her work can be found in private and public collections, such as the Art Bank of the Canada Council, Loto Québec, La Grande Bibliotèque du Québec and the Musée du Québec. She lives and works in Montreal.

Homeira Mortazavi

For Homeira, painting is a search for beauty, meaning and wisdom which ultimately reveals the true self.  Through the creative process, she unleashes a full range of emotions that are expressed through the sensitive rendering of light and her rich palette of colours.  As an artist and painter, she aspires to communicate the sense of joy and harmony that uplifts her through the creation of her subjects. Be it through the delicacy of a rose petal, the gentle curves of the figure or the sinuous forms of her jewellery designs, the unseen becomes visible reality in a timeless space of mystical energy.

Art Now in Westmount is dedicated to supporting visual artists from Westmount and Montreal. On the first Tuesday of each month, invited artists will give an evening talk at the Westmount Public Library.  Each presentation is followed by questions and lively discussions. Artists share with us their unique visions and approaches to art making. The talks are free and open to the public. 

Come and celebrate the richness and creativity of the visual artists of Montreal!